Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tomatoes---Fruit?, Vegetable?, DELICIOUS!

Seems I just can't get away from tomatoes and blessings.  My neighnor, Sharon, one of my blessings for sure, called this morning and said, "Suzanne,"would you like to have a bunch of fresh tomatos?"  Is the Pope Catholic!!  I couldn't dress quick enough and drive down the road to her beautiful garden.  We visited a bit and then she proceeded to load me up with tomatoes, cantalope and the promise of some fresh okra in time for Bodie's supper on Saturday.  Oh my stars and garters!  I do love me some tomatoes.  On the way home I "spit polished" one big red beauty and by the time I drove up to our mailbox I had juice running off my elbow.  DELICIOUS!  I brought the rest of my take in the house, washed three more tomatoes and cut then into wedges.  I drizzled each with a little EVOO and  sprinkled each with a dash of salt & pepper and topped with a nice helping of crumbled feta cheese and a couple slices of avacado.  Had luch fit for a queen!  I think I'm gonna have the same thing for supper.  Dessert?  Cantalope of course.  

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